Confession #1: I learned about the International Day of the Girl from the Bing picture of the day. My husband was a fan of the Bing picture of the day before it was even a thing (he such a trendsetter). Now that I have a PC at work I get to enjoy the visual bliss each time I search the inter-webs. Today revealed this stunning image and drew my attention to this incredible day 7 years after its claiming…

Confession #2: I just wrapped up a final coaching session with an incredible client and I came home kind of boozy yet still knowing I had to write something. So here it is my friends, my first ever spur of the moment / written in one setting and posted in the same blog post while under the influence.


I had to write something because I freaking love being a girl! I come from a legacy of strong girls and women. My brilliant mom & dad had four of us, for goodness sake.


This is for my beloved daughter, Eloise, who would have been a fearsome girl to behold. This is for Clara Loise and Anna Louise, Emmy, Reagan and Frankie the fighter. And this is for the sweetest boys in my life who revere women and all of their girls-who-are-friends and give me hope every single day.

Thank you to the United Nations for calling attention to this day. Thank you for bringing the world’s eyes and hearts and minds to the plight of so many girls who are fighting for their choice and education and innocence and a childhood free from harsh labor, young pregnancy or unwanted marriage. We hear you. We see you. And we can do better.

I don’t have a lot to say today except, Yes!

Yes to the girls. Yes to the women. Yes to the feminine.

I’m feeling drawn to dig in to the feminine spirit of our God - the one that has been masculated and erased - there will be much more to come on this, I promise.
And to quote my new sisters of Rising Appalachia…

My voice feels tiny
And I’m sure so does yours
Put us all together we’ll make a mighty roar.
— Resilient, Rising Appalachia