Playing with Flow

I am finding that my brain and body work best when they each get to exercise. As I get curious about a fitting rhythm for life I have noticed that I crave physical work and mental work in similar doses. Interestingly enough, they are not in competition. Instead, they serve to strengthen one another.

When I have been absorbing content and writing for a bit too long I notice a harder time focusing or coming up with the right words to honor my thoughts.

To play a bit with this today, I took that cue to go outside, plant some poppy seeds, pull some weeds and soak up the late Summer sun while doing so. As I worked, I noticed my mind first got quiet and I focused on taking even breaths and stretching my hips as I bent low over the weeds at the side of my house.

Moving into the back garden bed running along our fence I pulled weeds and started to think of how to frame an email I needed to write - the lines to include and how best to deliver my message.

Turning next to the spiders’ favorite hang out in the tall lanky weeds around the compost bin, I felt a bit of fatigue and spider related itchy skin. As I wrapped up my work, watering the areas where the tiny poppy seeds were sprinkled I noticed an increase in ideas to write and capture that I felt a hurriedness in the end of my yard work so I could get back inside to my computer.

Washing my hands and pouring a glass of water, I smiled as I noticed the sunshine had followed me into the house, resting on the end table holding my laptop and the chair I would soon settle into again.

This quick post is a direct result of my willingness to play with flow and the short time spent once I returned to my computer after working in the yard.

One quick thing to note, I didn’t bring my phone to either activity, though I checked it in between. I didn’t mark time by the clock and to my surprise, almost exactly one hour had passed once I felt myself coming to a natural end in each activity.

I wonder what further practice of complimentary rhythms could do in transforming my work and also our yard! I plan to continue leaning in and I promise to share more soon in case you are eager to design your own rhythms for a more balanced life. For now I am going to go grab some lunch and (attempt) to eat it mindfully.