What February holds.

Well January surely went out with a bang. It seems this season is full of tenderness and turmoil with each new development as our country transitions leadership. Our desire for you is that you can find time in each day to pause and notice a bit of lightness and love. If you can't seem to find it easily, accept the invitation to create it for yourself and share it with your world because some days we just have to make our own sunshine.

Maya Angelou speaks to this beautifully in the quote we chose for February. If we look for it, open ourselves to it, wonder can be found in each day simply because it is and you are. 

We would love to hear what this month holds for you, dear reader. May it be full in so many ways.

February 2017 - Desktop download

February 2017 - Desktop download

February 2017 - Printable   download

February 2017 - Printable download

February 2017 - iPhone   download

February 2017 - iPhone download