Here goes.

There can be no growth if we do not remain open and vulnerable to what is new and different.
— John O'Donahue, To Bless the Space Between Us .

I put Daring Greatly on my Christmas list last year (and interestingly, Rising Strong, made it on this year's list - but more to come on that later). Because Brené Brown was popping up everywhere - in my life coach training and practice, passing conversations, Exegy, NPR, TED talks & blogs. I felt I needed to read it simply to stay relevant, and also to satiate my curiosity about the things it had already begun to stir in me.

At dinner on New Year’s Eve the conversation shifted to resolutions, as it so often does in this season, and as I chewed my sushi roll I began to think about what I wanted to claim for 2015. With a due date approaching there were many practical and mother-related things that arose, and the common do less of this and more of that. But as my turn came around the table, the words out of my mouth were surprising, “I want to be more vulnerable this year.” And with that claim, the universe shifted to respond in terrible and amazing ways. If I had known the turns my journey would take in the days, weeks, months ahead, I wonder if I would have resolved differently. 

So this blog is about life. Mine. All of it. A wife, a life coach, a grieving mother and pursuer of social justice & equity. In a wave of vulnerability I am sharing it with you. It will be filled with my words and the words of others that stir my soul and awaken my mind and heart. I imagine it will be filled with funny things and thoughtful things. Bitter things and sweet. Calls to presence & being, and calls to action. My hope is that it will serve you, dear reader, and meet you where you need it most on your journey.