Coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice.

Together, we will work to uncover what you are here on this earth to do {expand // learn // heal // teach // create} so each decision, action and breath you take is infused with purpose. We will shed light on your unique gift, strengths, vulnerabilities and truths so you can choose how you want to show up in every moment. 

No one can manifest your transformation and growth. It is you and you alone can. I am here to facilitate the process, champion you and bear witness as you discover fulfilling ways of being in this life.

Email me to set up a time to chat and explore the opportunity for us to journey together. 

Shelter and energy come alive when a beginning is embraced. Goethe says that once the commitment is made, destiny conspires with us to support and realize it.
— John O'Donohue & Goethe