I am the fiddle, inspiring others to dance their own jig.

I believe in the unique potential of all people and find great energy in uncovering the purpose, values, strengths and inherent ability of each person I work with; handing them back as gifts they can employ to transform their world and create a deeply meaningful life. 

Co-Active coaching offers the tools to move past the sticky grips of shame, fear and scarcity that keep us tucked into the comfortable and small patterns of living. Through one-on-one coaching and group experiences, I am creating space for people to:

  • discover their own edge and move toward it

  • wake up and engage more fully in their life, their work and their relationships

  • make informed decisions based on values and goals rather than fear



Ready to take the next step? Let's journey together through your wild & precious life.

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dear reader

Check out the latest musings on my blog, as my empathic heart wrestles with everything from grief to social justice & equity.

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